Lieutenant Elise Darrow

Name Elise Skye Darrow

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Elise stands at a slightly above average height of 5'7" but everyone of those inches can seem a little higher and more imposing should you cross the young scot the wrong way. With her height, Elise's 130 pounds frame leans to the slender side, however this is not a sacrifice for strength as she has proven herself quite capable at performing her duties in the past.

Of particular note, a trademark of Elise's appearance is her unusually pale skin, an oddity within her family. Her skin plays to a steep contrast of her radiant blue eyes making them another most notable trait of hers.

Elise maintains her hair to the length of her mid back tying it into a ponytail while on duty. While off-duty, she tends to let it hang and sticks to various styles of informal clothing. Her black leather jacket is known to be a favourite amongst her wardrobe.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rear Admiral Markus Darrow (78)
Mother Jessica Darrow PhD (79)
Brother(s) Commander Ewan Darrow (45), Erik Darrow (39), Commander Harold Darrow (37)
Sister(s) Captain Riley Harkness (nee Darrow) (45), Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Jackson (nee Darrow) (43)
Other Family Commander Arcturus Jackson [Brother in Law](42), Lieutenant Commander Jack Harkness [Ret.]{Brother in law} (44), Jessica Darrow (nee Gerald) [Sister in Law](38), Lieutenant JG Tarina Darrow (nee Hareks)[Sister in Law](25)
- Various Nieces and Nephews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elise would be by some described as spunky and somewhat troublesome. She has a strong personality and her heritage makes her unafraid to fight for what she believes in or for those around her, especially family. Sometimes she can be considered stubborn and pig-headed, but in the end she usually is able to find compromise no matter how heated she may get.

She is also a very intelligent and quick thinking person able to adapt to a variety of situations. Elise is also no stranger to sarcasm, often using it in her dialect.

Like some of her family, Elise has a hot and short temper and can be known to become quite verbal in a confrontation. Despite this, family and loyalty are held in high regard with her and play a prominent role in her life.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Leadership
+Quick Thinking

-Short Temper
Ambitions Elise hopes to one day command a ship of her own and too eventually find love and start a family.
Hobbies & Interests In her spare time, Elise likes to go to the holodeck and spend time 'outdoors' doing such activities as Rock Climbing and swimming.

Personal History Elise was born on the USS Pearson in the year 2360. At the time, she had the prestige of being the youngest daughter to the ship's Commanding Officer, Markus Darrow.

In her early years, Elise fell under the care of her mother with the help of her two older siblings Erik and Harold. However, it seemed from the moment she learned to walk, little Elise had found a way to navigate the vast starship to her father's ready room. Although he never claimed responsibility, the family knew Erik had taught the young toddler the means to which she would make her uninvited but always welcomed visits. Despite this however, Elise formed a stronger bond with her mother and enjoyed night time stories refusing to sleep until her mother had read her one. The practice would continue until Elise was about five years old.

As she grew older, Elise would become more independent learning many things on her own by way of her childhood curiosity. One thing Elise liked to do was observe others as they performed their duties and ask many questions. It was during her pre-teen years she befriended the ship's Chief of Security and first became interested in the branch. Elise's loyalty and devotion would drive her interest towards the profession and when she turned 18, she enlisted in the Academy as a Security Cadet.
Service Record Elise enlisted in Starfleet Academy in the year 2378. It was only a few short years after the costly Dominion War and Starfleet was looking to replenish it's ranks. The young Darrow would prove to be no slouch nor allow the costly war to be an excuse for her entry as her classmates would soon learn, Elise was no pushover. Excelling in both Academic and Physical studies, one concern amongst the instructors was Elise's short temper which she seem to feed upon especially during hand to hand combat classes. The extra adrenaline seemed to boost the young cadet and some teachers worried what would happen IF it was misdirected. Their concerns were quickly quashed when she submitted to extra curricular counselling having been cleared after six months showing no signs of aggression or movement to violent behavior. What was once considered a weakness now became her greatest strength. During second year, she was enrolled in Martial Arts so she could build on her self control and discipline.

This however, did not change her mischievious nature as she was not afraid to let her hair down after hours and hang with the boys.

Four years after her entry to the Academy, she graduated from the Academy and was given her first assignment.

2382: USS Alamo

Elise found it ironic her first assignment be aboard a ship who's name reflected a famous last stand. Elise was known to be fighter and should the need come, she would live up to the name. Fortunately for her, her first assignment was uneventful and focused on learning the basics of being a Security Officer. She was also exposed to the daily routines of the non-comm officers in her unit. After 3 years, her initial assignment would see it's end and she would be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to the USS Thunderchild.

2385: USS Thunderchild

The Thunderchild was a smaller ship then the Galaxy class Alamo, but it proved to provide it's own challenges as Elise would now move into the Investigative world of her trade. While on the Thunderchild, it was found the someone on the ship was sabotaging science experiments in the Science Department disrupting important research. Elise learned how to collect information from a scene and would aid the Chief of Security in apprehending the guilty party. It was here she was also taught how to properly question a suspect 'not like the spooks' as her Chief would say. Following a four years tour, Elise would be promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Continental as the Assistant Chief of Security.

2388: USS Continental

Elise's role now shifted as she moved to the Lexington Class Continental. She was now entrusted to mentor the younger officers with the knowledge and teachings passed onto her by her former superiors. For the better part of the assignment, she did an exemplary job shadowing her superior and ensuring both decorum and pride within the department. This was, until what would be her last year when she encountered an officer whom was none to pleased with the Darrow family. After taking some liberties with words towards her family, she took liberties with his teeth by way of her fist. Being close to promotion, the Commanding Officer felt a simple transfer, having to re-earn the respect of a new CO was ample punishment for an otherwise good officer. As such, Elise was transferred to the USS Vesta, where a familiar face would be there to guide her.