Lieutenant Cesar De La Fuente

Name Cesar De La Fuente

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Bald (Black)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thin, but extremely strong despite it. Cesar enjoys spending time in the gym working out and staying in shape.

The most obviously identifying feature about him are his tattoo's, each of which means something different to him. They're living memories and fluid pieces of art that he wouldn't trade for anything.

Born and raised in Chicago, Cesar speaks with a plainly middle American accent with a just a touch of latin influences.


Spouse Hasn't found the right match...
Children None
Father Hector
Mother Maria (birth), Ana (Step)
Brother(s) Nine natural brothers: Hector, Luis, Manuel, Othilio, Gabe, Raul, Junior, Paco and Jaime and four step-brothers: David, Jeime, Jose and Jorge.
Sister(s) Four sisters: Ava, Maria, Lupe and Veronica and, one step-sister: Anna
Other Family The list could go on forever.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cesar is an outspoken, aggressive and creative individual that is not afraid to express himself in every way possible. His body art is the most visible example of that expression, but it permeates every part of his character.

While he is aggressive and outspoken, Cesar is an intellectual at heart. He is fascinated by other cultures and their history; he takes great pride in being able to analyze, understand and connect with other species and other cultures faster than most.

Loyal beyond a fault. He will not only stand up for himself fiercely, he will stand up for his team which quickly becomes his family and he protects them as such. It's generally a bad idea to piss off Cesar - he will make life... difficult, to say the least.

Joined Starfleet after spending nearly a decade moving through some of the best educational institutions in Federation space. As such, Starfleet still is a bit... different for him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Anthropological research and theory. He may not look it, but he is one of the preeminent experts in his field.
+ Archaeological procedure and analysis.
+ Self-confidence. Cesar knows who he is and it not easily challenged on it.
+ Outspoken nature.
+ Extremely loyal.

- Outspoken nature.
- Aggressive tendencies don't always suit a Scientist of his caliber.
- Not exactly 'Starfleet Regulation' (ie: Tattoo's).
- Loyal beyond a fault.
Ambitions Has Doctorate degrees in:
- Sociocultural Anthropology (Cambridge).
- XenoBiological Anthropology (Vulcan Science Academy)

To finish his latest Ph.D (Archaeology - Yale) dissertation and continue to advance his research. He has been working on the final dissertation for nearly a decade, but is held back by his own perfection each time. By rights he should have it already.

Hobbies & Interests - Art of any kind. He is particularly fascinated with the art of other cultures, which suits his focus. He has a great many tattoos that are either direct translations or inspired by the cultures of other worlds he has studied.

- Boxing. Loves to spend time in the holodeck ring. He's by no means overly gifted in the fighting style, but he enjoys the exertion.

- Horticulture. Cesar keeps a veritable jungle of flora in his quarters. Feels that it makes the space seem alive. It strikes most as odd he would be so caring, patient and doting on his growing babies, but that's his personality to a T.

Personal History Cesar was one of a great many siblings growing up in a divided household after his birth parents split and his father remarried and had more children with his second wife. It was, for the most part, a loving and caring place to raise a child but with so many children spread across so many ages it was quite easy for any one of them to get lost in the shuffle. That happened quite frequently with Cesar and his brothers.

All of his brothers were protective of one another, especially of Cesar, who unlike them had shown a remarkable affinity for science and mathematics far in excess of anything they could do. It was Cesar that tutored all the brothers and sisters and tried to help them through their schooling. Unfortunately their father was not the most stable of home-bodies and though their step and birth mothers did what they could to fill that void, without the constant attention and discipline of that father the children easily began to wander off. A few found hobbies that kept them out of trouble, but the older boys weren't so wise.

Crime wasn't something overly prevalent in the Federation, and what was considered criminal was far less than what might have been considered delinquency in ages past. Still the elder De La Fuente boys did their best to find it in common crimes: vandalizing, harassment and general delinquency that kept the local law enforcement quite interested in their whereabouts. Cesar did his best to convince his brothers not to go out in search of trouble, but he was never very successful.

That all came crashing down when Cesar was 10, and stowed along on a ride with his older brothers out and about causing their usual amount of mayhem. A group of rival teens that lived nearby happened across their path that night and a raucous ensued, which would have been nothing but a few hormonal teenagers strutting like peacocks for one another, but as it happened Cesar bit of a bit more than he could chew with a couple of them and got beat up pretty bad. Bad enough that his brothers Gabe and Raul called their older brothers Hector and Luis who showed up to the fight ready to defend their little brother. The result was several broken bones and one kid that wasn't going to walk without serious medical attention. Local law enforcement showed up on the scene to break up the fight, and in the scuffle, Cesar tried to keep a security officer from attacking Hector. Taken by surprise, the officer defended himself accordingly and within legal force considering he was blindsided, but all Hector saw was his brother being manhandled. He pounced on the officer and in the fight that followed, only Hector got up. The officer was too badly beaten and died of his wounds at the scene.

Hector managed to escape the scene with the help of the other brothers, who were all arrested for aiding him, save Cesar who was rushed to the nearest medical facility for treatment. A massive manhunt ensued for Hector, a twenty year old orbital ferry pilot, who managed to disappear into a cloud of smoke within the community. Local law enforcement couldn't be sure if he was on planet or not, and passed the word out to the entire Federation that Hector De La Fuente was wanted for murder.

Between the security officer and the other teens, it took quite a bit of medical attention and a further six months of therapy for Cesar to come out as normal as before. During that time, five of his brothers had been charged and convicted of aiding their eldest escape and were serving their varying sentences which ranged from nine months to five years. But still no sign of Hector.

Cesar's family had fractured during his rehabilitation and the home he came back to was hardly that at all. His father and step mother had divorced and the kids had scattered to the four winds. With four brothers serving time, the rest went away to other family members or joined various organizations that took them off world. Those like him, still of school age, transferred to institutions that housed the students on campus leaving only the elementary aged kids with their respective mothers. Cesar was able to find his way into a prestigious prep academy based on his test scores, but was forced into a solitude he wasn't prepared for, but one that would come to define him.

He took up a new hobby in art, creating as a way to exercise his emotions. He quickly found he had a affinity for it that transcended Human art; all manner of art fascinated him though it seemed non-human art was the most interesting. When the art itself wasn't enough of an outlet for him, he found he enjoyed the physical outlet of boxing to relieve that extra stress his artistic endeavors didn't allow for. He knew he had aggressive tendencies, as tended to run in his family, and used the boxing as a way to exercise that tendency without it causing anyone else harm. Cesar to this day will not box a live person, only the holograms in the holodeck.

During a summer vacation, he took a school sponsored trip to Cait and fell in love with the flora of the planet, to the point of near obsession. Cesar quickly took up horticulture on his own time and within weeks his room was filled with growing things. It struck the outsider as odd to see someone like Cesar practicing art and growing green leafy plants in his spare time, but it was therapeutic to him, almost as much so as the boxing. All three are the only way he was able to get through those tough teenage years. Before Starfleet.

Cesar was one of the lucky few to receive a token admittance to the Starfleet entrance exam based on qualifying socio-economic factors and to the administrators surprise scored better than those who had been fighting for a spot in the exam for months through the standard channels. Still, his score wasn't top of the class and he just barely squeaked into the Academy. Who would have thought a young man already on the local law enforcement's watch list, with a brother on the run for murder, already covered in tattoo's would be admitted to the Academy. Once there, though, his story was far different. Now with an even footing with his peers, Cesar was able to truly excel. It was Starfleet Academy that he found his strengths in terms of his studies and where he wanted to go with his life. Science was his new passion, from the simple biology of the plants that filled his side of his dorm, to the complex building blocks of sentient life throughout the Galaxy. What fascinated him the most about it all was the culture behind it; the art, the stories, the depth of that culture. These topics drove him most of all and were what encouraged him to pursue his Doctorate degrees once he left the Academy.

Cesar graduated and took his place in the Fleet, serving whilst simultaneously obtaining two Doctorates and working on a third, which he has yet to complete. He's hardly the stereotypical Science officer and he certainly cuts an interesting figure in any situation, but he is who he is and there's no one more confident of that than Cesar. It's been many years since that nasty fight on the streets in his hometown, and even longer since he'd made the choice to find a different path, but it still haunts him every day. Every new assignment and every inquiry by Starfleet and Federation security, all asking Cesar the same question: Where is Hector?.

If Cesar knows, he'll never tell you.