Chief Petty Officer 0101

Name 0101

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Chief Petty Officer


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Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 @ 9:44am

Character Information

Gender Neuter
Species Bynar
Age Adult

Physical Appearance

Height 4 foot 7 inches
Weight 95 Pounds
Hair Color Dark Purple (neck)
Eye Color Green
Physical Description 0101 is shorter in height than most Bynar. It has lilac skin and an enlarged skulls. 0101 has patches of dark purple hair on both sides of its neck and asymmetrical ears. At the left temple is a cybernetic implant that allows 0101 to communicate to the Bynar Homeworld, and the Computer buffer on the right hip.


Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Computer Genius
(+) Mathematical Genius
(+/-) Stubborn
(-) Has issues sleeping due to missing partner
(-) Obsessive of its Computer's
Ambitions To one day access the Borg Collective Subspace Computer Network and redesign the Master Computer

Personal History 0101 is typical for all Bynar. Born, Cybernetically Enhanced, Paired, and continue to work for the betterment of all Bynar. With the issues of the of the Supernova EMP on their planetary Computer and the aid of Captain Picard and Commander Riker, they started to send pairs to join Starfleet.

0101 and 1010 was on of the Joint Pairs sent in 2380. It took the pair a year to get into the Academy, but they elected that with their differences, they would enlisted as Computer Specialists. They flew throught their training and past at the top of their class.

They where assigned to the USS Republic right out of the Academy. They served on this ship with distinction, until the end of 2387. The Republic was attacked by a rogue Klingon Attack Cruiser. The Republic was able to capture the Klingon ship, but with heavy damage. 0101's partner 1010 was killed when they where attempting to get the Republic's computer's back online. 1010 was sucked into space as the section it was working at was hit.

0101 returned to Bynaus to get a new partner, but 0101 was selected for an upgrade. The typical Bynar cybernectics where removed and replaced with Borg enhanced systems. This allowed 0101 to transmit, store, and communicate information. But the largest difference was that 0101 was going solo.

This was a huge adjustment for 0101, but it proved to be stubborn enough to make it work. When it returned to Starfleet with its upgrades, they assigned 0101 to Project VESTA. He aid the Engineer's there in designing a Computer System that could handle the millions of Subspace Field Dynamics corrects needed for the QSD to function correctly.
Service Record 2381 - 2383: Starfleet Enlisted
2383 - 2387: USS Republic
2387 - 2388: LOA to Bynar
2388 - 2391: Project VESTA
2391 - 2XXX: USS Vesta