Lieutenant Ashe Raynah

Name Ashe Raynah

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 12:08am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Purple implants
Physical Description Solidly built, Ashe is an imposing figure despite his ever present smile. He sports a baby smooth face with jet black hair he keeps longer than regulation and purple ocular implants due to his blindness.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Alvorez
Mother Ginna
Brother(s) Kristopher (twin)
Sister(s) none
Other Family none known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ashe is a likable sort, very open to new ideas and opportunities. He always has a smile on his face; something his professors and friends at the Academy said would get him into trouble someday. Given his choice of majors, he wasn't sure how to take that statement. Ashe is also a true social chameleon with the ability to fit in everywhere he goes.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Ashe is well built, strong grasp of his chosen field of study as well as several others such as sciences.

(-) Ashe is easily distracted by what he perceives as annoyances.
Ambitions Ashe would like to serve with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Though his career path may lead towards the center seat he doesn't want that and would only like to go as high as Operations Manager and Lieutenant Commander and possibly First Officer
Hobbies & Interests Ashe likes to work out, practice martial arts, gymnastics, read tech manuals as well as run for horror holoprograms.

Personal History Ashe and Kris are the twin sons of Alvorez and Ginna Raynah. There was an accident during the pregnancy so Ashe was blind from birth but he never let that stop him from pursuing his goals. He and his twin brother were destined for bigger and better things so they both applied to Starfleet Academy when they came of age. Their parents were both civilian engineers so the two of them could take apart any engine and put it back together in under an hour. Ashe was more interested in computer programming than anything else. So Ashe entered the Academy with an emphasis in Computer Systems Engineering while his brother Kristopher joined up as a pilot. They didn't have any classes together except for thier core classes but were roommates at the Academy for their first year but were then later separated to give them access to other races and cultures.
Ashe excelled in his studies earning him numerous awards in the areas of Computer Science and Mathematics, both theoretical and applied. It had always been very evident to Ashe's teachers that his intelligence was quite high for someone his age. His curious mind and ability to ask rather insightful questions were constantly keeping both his peers and his teachers on their toes. Ashe also had a habit of speaking his mind, especially when he didn't agree with something someone said.
In addition to his sizable quantitative abilities, Ashe also pushed his body to equal limits. When not studying or working on school projects, Ashe was building his body to as near perfection as he could. He believed that the body and the mind had to be in peak condition if both were to work separately and as a unit.
Kris ultimately fell in love with a Vulcan cadet and the two eventually decided to dropped out and run away to get married. Ashe, however, decided to stick with the rest of his time there. Then the young cadet's VISOR malfunctioned and had to have it replaced by artificial eyes. He had to sit out a year because of the downtime and the retraining of his brain and eyes to process the new visual feed. When it was time for him to rejoin his fellow classmates, he had a hard time readjusting to being an entire year behind all of his friends. He was heartsick to learn that his best friend, Micah Browning, had been killed in an accident during a live fire training simulation.
Ashe was already versed in many forms of hand-to-hand combat after growing up on Mars. Next he decided to pull a few extra courses in Security/Tactical. By the time he graduated, he was ready to go. He applied for a many different postings on many different ships and got a post out of it. Ashe was to be a tactical systems specialist on the U.S.S. Roundtree. His next posting was on the Starwind where he was assistant Chief Ops officer where he was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade due to his expertise with shielding systems. He managed to get the ship's shields back online in the middle of a firefight with the Breen after the shields had been rendered inoperative. He was decorated for valor on more than one occasion due to his expertise in times of battle.