Ensign Elijah Aldin

Name Elijah Thomas Aldin

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Date of Birth 11/25/2375
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 160
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Elijah is a Human male of average height. An apt description of his physical build would be "wiry". He is usually clean shaven, although his facial hair is blonde as well, so it's hard to see if he skips a day.. or seven. His hair is often touseled within a few hours of waking up, although he does comb it in the morning.


Spouse None
Children None
Father CPO Howard Aldin (Ret.)
Mother Kelsey Aldin
Brother(s) (adopted) Lieutenant Ryan Aldin, Engineer, USS Trinculo
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview To the casual observer, Elijah is a quiet, quirky officer who prefers solitude. Upon closer inspection one discovers that he has the same facets to his personality as most people, but does not express them in a traditional manner. It takes time for others to be able to form a relationship with Elijah, and vice versa.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

- Very adept in all aspects of Computer Science. Excels at writing/designing software and troubleshooting.
- Works very well independently. Has good focus if A) Motivated to task and B) task is explained in a manner that he understands.
- Persistent. Is not deterred by failure.

- Interpersonal communication (All Forms) To effectively communicate with Elijah, one needs time to adapt to him, and vice versa.
- Has difficulty with new places or people.
- Has a tendency to take inititive in the absence of guidance, when the best course might be to wait.
- His quirks often create barriers between himself and colleagues.
Ambitions - Carries no ambition with regard to promotion or gaining authority over others.
- Is motivated by topics/subjects that are of interest to him. (Computers is a constant, but other things come and go.)
- His motivations and aspirations are fluid and change with his current reaearch/project/task.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of Computer Sciences, his interests are few, but vary frequently.

Elijah's one actual "hobby" is holo programming movies or plays that he's seen.
Languages Standard (read/write/speak), Trill (read/write/speak), Vulcan (read/write/speak). Binar (read/write)
* Note. Elijah doesn't wear a Universal Translator.

Personal History Early life

Elijah was born in late 2375. He is what one might call a "mid tour baby", having been concieved while Howard Aldin was home on leave from his assignment in the Gamma Quadrant. He returned there after a few weeks on DS9. Kelsey returned to Earth and nine months Elijah was born. He didn't meet his father until he terturned home in early 2376. Elijah was diagnosed with ASD in 2378. Howard Aldin left Starfleet the same year in order to be more active in raising his son, and to provide a more stable home life.

Given that not many children were still diagnosed, there were only places for the family to go that could provide care and services to Autistic children so the family had to go about raising Elijah as best they could. Howard finished his education and went into teaching, and Kellsey began working for the Starfleet Transport office on Luna. They remain there.

Insofar as functionality, Elijah began life with many social and communication limitations. He was non-verbal for the first few years of his life, but eventually learned to communicate, wherein another facet of his Autism surfaced in the form of echolalia. This disorder caused him to communicate by repeating back the last words of a speaker, or to use familiar words and phrases, often out of context. And example might be using dialogue from movies or books, or using responses he's picked up from other people to express himself. This remains an obstacle for him and will surface from time to time, but is largely managed. Intellectually, Elijah is quite adept. He had no issues grasping materiel, but could not often be convinced to conform to normal testing procedures, especially when he was young. Age and training helped in this regard, but he maintains a penchant for questioning commands that he considers wrong or ill conceived. His understanding of social graces, structures, and order are all lacking.

Howard and Kellsey Aldin were adamant that their son chart his own path however, and the path he chose was computer sciences. Elijah decided very early that he wanted to work with computers, and never considered another profession, even with the inherent challenges that ASD placed in his path. While getting into Starfleet Academy was difficult, he persisted and was accepted. And as expected, he was a star student when it came to his field of study, but he struggled mightily in the officer training portion of his education. His biggest difficulties were in interacting with others. Abstract concepts such as ethics are also very difficult for him to navigate.

Psychological Profile

Elijah was diagnosed at a young age with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which since becoming common place in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, has become very rare since. The medical community has many theories as to the causes of the disorder, and through genetic resequencing can be treated successfully. Some parents though, for a variety of reasons, do not employ treatments of this nature. Elijah was diagnosed later than most people, and due to this, his parents had already adapted to their son's unique personality traits. Genetic resequencing would have been essentially a reboot of their three year old son. That was not something that they were willing to do.

Fortunately, Elijah resides on the high functioning end of the spectrum. He is generally stable and can self manage his daily life with few difficulties. However he does have certain personality traits which make interacting with people and his environment difficult in certain circumstances. He is quite slow to adapt to changes and often bucks social norms, often without realizing it, or why those norms exist in the first place.Below are examples of areas in which Ensign Aldin's condition may create issues.

Chain of Command

- Elijah cannot quickly assess the motives of others from a personal standpoint. He operates like a Vulcan in this way. "He/She is giving me this order because.......basic logic." Emotions and personal motivation does not play into his decision making in this regard. So he is vulnerable to being hazed and not knowing it, or blindly following orders without examining their intent. He also does not easily perceive sarcasm or levity. However if an order does not pass the basic logic test, he will balk. This has the effect of making him simultaneously too subservient and someone who can also be insubordinate if his logic and knowledge tell him that his superior is wrong.

- Is often late to duty, or meetings because he gets caught up in whatever task/activity he is involved in, especially if it is of strong interest to him. Has difficulty perceiving the passage of time in these cases.

Interaction with peers/subordinates/superiors

Elijah is not what one might call an assertive person. He does not give "orders". He usually assumes that a subordinate will do as he asks, and has trouble dealing with confrontation, especially if it's emotionally charged. In observing him, his pattern is to issue an order or request, and then go about his business without further conversation. His inability to keep eye contact with people when conversing with him is a detriment in this regard also. He prefers short conversations and does not make small talk.

= Prefers the company of one or two people at most. Is perfectly comfortable working in solitude.

- Seldem asks for help. Very independent.

Personal Relationships

Outside his immediate family, Elijah does not have a large circle of friends, and does not add to the one he does have easily. He rarely has interest in the things that people use to get to know one another, instead preferring to converse about pertinent topics, or to tell those with whom he does converse about a subject of interest to him, often ad nauseum. It would be beneficial for Elijah to be partnered with someone who is outgoing and can assist him socially, both professionally and in whatever living situation his assignment dictates.

Noted Interations

- Brutally, sometimes inappropriately honest.
- Does not hesitate to opine when he feels that his input is needed.
- Has a tendency to operate under the assumption that other people are on the same wavelength as him. Does not explain himself in most cases unless prompted.

- Has trouble answering questions. Usually will not answer anything other than yes/no questions immediately or at all.

- Asks questions concerning only the topic at hand, or topics he cares about.

- Does not like to be touched, especially by people he doesn't already know, and without solicitation or permission.

- Has a very small and reliable diet. Will not eat replicated foods or meat other than chicken. Color and texture of food both inform and can alter these issues. Smell is another key factor.

- Speaks in a halting, sing songish voice most of the time. Will match the volume of his conversation partner.

- Cannot translate body language effectively in most cases.

- When peaking to Elijah, and especially when explaining something or giving instruction it is important to break information down into small segments or steps.


Elijah is an unusually adept computer systems analyst and software programmer. He is nearly always in seemingly deep thought and contemplation, which is usually an accurate assessment. Sensory overload is a constant factor to consider in any assignments or postings conferred to him, although he has developed tools and strategies for coping with this struggle.

It is the opinion of Starfleet Medical command and the Starfleet Behavioral Health division that, given the nature of his field, and his own abilities to manage his condition, Elijah is fully capable of performing the duties assigned to him.

Service Record 2392-2395 - Starfleet Academy