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LEG ONE - On Track: Ready , Set, Go!

Posted on Tue Dec 5th, 2017 @ 10:43am by Commander Martin Sorenson & Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow & Lieutenant JG Tyr tr'Saren & Ensign Soraya Xel & Isabella Cerin

Mission: Fastest Ship in the Quadrant
Location: Track
Timeline: MD08 - Leg one of the Race

Outside the racers are lined up ready for the starting signal. There are just over a dozen ships ranging from the classic, like the Antarian entry, to the not-so-classic flying fish look of the Cancricoan vessel, to a couple really unique squid-like bioships.

"Now remember," Teuthida cautioned her two little competitors. "This is for fun. I don't want to hear about unsportsbeing-like conduct from either of you." Her eye turned a particular focus on Schwish. "Especially toward each other."

"We'll remember," Schwish and Spirula chorused in the borderline exasperated manner of adolescents of any species being admonished by a parent.

Teuthida's mantle shifted shades at their tone. "I mean it," she replied firmly.

"Got it, mom," Schwish waved two tentacles and hurried toward the start. "Got to go line up now!"

.::Swifty Swim - Cancricoan Ship::.

Bimi and Marlai run through a fast last check, using their unique eyes and ability to crawl along both walls and ceiling with ease to make sure absolutely everything is working just as it should.

"All good for engines," Marlai called, flipping a flagellum.

"All my systems are go too!" Bimi called, giving a return flagellum up. "Net in and get ready for to 'peel out'!" He laughed, eyestalk swiveling in the equivalent of a wink at the phrase from their competitors.

.::Republic Racer - Graceful Currents::.

The Pitrida pilot, K'Sallow, ran through the last of his system checks. The craft was odd, the pilot settled into the "seat" as if he was perched, wings outspread like he was about to dive. Small controls scanned his wings to translate them to controls of the craft. Based off their fighter craft, the Graceful was sleek with a triangle of engines at the rear. His copilot, a Halia named C'Carrak, finished her last checks of the engines and secondary systems. "Green across the board," she called out, and he maneuvered the craft into the starting line, aligning it's wings with the other's racer's neutral. Slight twitches of his feathers fired RCS style thrusters to bring it to a halt.

"Graceful Currents to race control, standing by and ready," called the pilot. His head darted to look out the window, not far off sat the Federation ship, which was considered the most exciting one to beat. That would be his prey for the race.

.::Delta Flyer::.

Rufus finished his system checks with a flourish. He was so psyched about the race he could barely keep his tail from thumping. "All systems go," he said, grinning back at Xel. "Ready to strap in and have some fun?"

"Uh, yeah," Soraya replied with significantly less enthusiasm. Hopefully the treatment she got from the doctor would keep her stomach contents where they belonged. "Our pit crew did a good job with her," Soraya noted, "Not sure I've ever seen a shuttle this close to the theoretical performance maximums." Even having to convert from a nonstandard power source didn't seem to be impacting their performance much.

As the count down commenced, Rufus grinned broadly, hands poised to engage. The moment the starting shot went off, he slammed the control full forward, sending them out at top speed, zipping into the pack of lead ships. He dodged and slid around them, jockeying for the best position for going into the first turn. "Ooo-woo!" he howled in delight. "Hold on! This is going to be fun."

"Inertial dampeners are doing pretty well. Watch the Chessu ship though, they're awfully close to our ventral deflector barrier," Soraya warned.

"You mean,let them know to watch us." Rufus flashed a canid grin, as he spun the ship nearly onto its side , cutting around the first turn and punched it! "Whoo - eat my ion trail, Chessu!"

.::USS Vesta, Lounge::.

Martin listened to the Captain's opening remarks, but his mind and his eyes were on the contestants. He was genuinely curious to see how the space squid got to speed, but he was also a touch concerned their own team. Kainan were notorious for giving in to 'thrill of the chase' - something that had probably served Rufus well as a fighter pilot - but Xel had no such prior experience. He hoped she'd developed a tolerance in the holosuite practice sessions so they weren't going to have to deal with angry officials from the Trill Symbiosis Institute.

At the back of the lounge space, the tall Romulan Security officer stood. He did not join in with the hubbub of the crowd. Instead he watched and listened to the pre-race chatter, constantly monitoring the various parties in an ever-vigilant attempt to thwart trouble, standing stalwartly near the main door.

"Quite the lineup of ships." Ewan commented as he stood just in front of one of the massive viewports showing the race line up infront of them. "The diversity of design styles and racers themselves is amazing, all in a hope of keeping things peaceful within the region."

“Minus, perhaps, some adolescent squabbles...” said Izzy with a humorous half-grin, considering some of the more...unique...contestants. Her glance slid towrds the edge of the viewport, where some of the other spectator's ships were visible...and in one case, the spectator themselves; the third baby Sellipod, too young to compete. Judging the emotional state of an alien species was always a somewhat difficult art, perhaps near impossible when it came to a living ship of sorts; but Izzy couldn't help but think that the youngster was be the only member of its family on the sidelines. Pity they couldn't just send a few shuttlecraft out there to run some laps with it for a "junior division"...

Martin chuckled at the thought. Izzy obviously had a soft spot for younglings who felt left behind. "Maybe next year ...after we have a chance to understand the species better and clear it with the momma."


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