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A Commanding Dinner Pt. 2

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 10:01am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow & Commander Jonathan Mantell & Commander Martin Sorenson & Isabella Cerin
Edited on on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 10:04am

Mission: Snow Birds
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Following "A Commanding Dinner Pt. 1"

The door chimed again, opening automatically per the current setting and perhaps surprising the guest in the corridor with the rapid access. Izzy took a tentative step into the captain's quarters, noted the scene at hand - and the eyes now reflexively looking her way - and gave her best subtle apologetic smile, letting the PADD she was holding fall to her side in her hand. "Captain. My apologies, I didn't realize you were occupied. I'll contact Chief Moreau to find a better time to go over things."

Izzy turned to leave, not wanting to intrude on what - from the people in attendance - she assumed was meant as a function for recent promotions to command rank. As the only member of the Vesta senior staff not a member of the fleet, she tried to balance the need for inclusion in official matters - which she so far had thankfully not had issues in - with not wanting to encroach on the formation of any bonds between the command crew as fellow officers. After all, she had to admit she wasn't inviting the rest of the senior staff every time she opened a bottle of something good to split with Kairishana while they bitched to one another about their own agency officials, either.

Having only just seated himself, Yoshi stood again with a smile. "Nonsense Isabella, come in come in," he said, crossing the room. "We're just having a few drinks and enjoying some downtime, a bit of a post-promotion celebration." Looking back to the room, he gestured towards the assembled group, smile still alit on his face, "I doubt anyone will mind if you come in for a bit. Hell, if you're hungry there is no doubt in my mind that my wife has made enough food to feed you as well. You may not be Starfleet, but you're as much a member of this staff as anyone, so the door is open."

"Yes, come join us," Martin said, and lifted his beer. "We have drinks. It's not your usual, but this craft brew is pretty good."

Izzy let the doors close behind her and walked further into the room. "Thank you. I'm afraid I missed the memo on the dress code, though." She joked. Her own outfit was relaxed enough by standards of her profession--the sort of thing one might wear when expecting to do office work all day; just a silky blouse and black pants with a strand of pearls--but definitely stood out a bit in the sea of casual clothes. Accepting a beer, she glanced at the PADD she now had tucked under her other arm, then at the captain. "I don't suppose there's anywhere I might be able to stash this?"

"Just in my home office there," Yoshi pointed to the second doorway. "Uh... mind the parts, I've been tinkering the last few days," he added almost sheepishly. "On second thought, here, I'll hide it away," he added and extended a hand to grab it.

There was almost imperceptible hesitation for a fraction of a second, born of instincts to not simply hand things over for anyone to secure, no doubt followed immediately by the overriding fact that she had come here to share this information with him in the first place, and she smoothly extended the PADD in return and handed it off.

Jack eyed the newcomer from his position on the couch. He still occupied the space between Martin and the other end of the couch, but he had pulled his arms back to cradle the embroidered image of the teddy bear on his sweater. "Drinks?" the boy inquired, suddenly reminded of an earlier promise, "Hey, Yoshi? Where's the chocolate milk you promised?"

As he returned from the office, the Commodore pointed to the table in front of the assembled group. "In front of you Jack," he said, pointing to the pitcher sitting in the middle of the coffee table. "Should I have Martin examine your eyes for you? I hear you're quite fond of going to Doctor's offices," he added with an additional jab. Having crossed the room, he picked up the jug and poured into one of the glasses before passing it to the diminutive Engineer. "But since you asked so nicely..."

The boy let the jab pass unanswered for the moment as he pulled back in a half-crunch, then sprang forward to roll into a seated position on the couch, scooting forward a few times until he could reach the glass held out for him. Jack drank greedily from it, and when he pulled back the glass, there was a dark mustache of chocolate milk atop his lip. "Ahh!" he exhaled, and leaned back into the couch, "That's the stuff, thanks Yosh." The Miran patted the now-empty space next to him, "There's a place for someone here."

"Have a seat, Izzy. Nothing to fear but being used as pillow," Martin joked.

Izzy eyed the opened spot, considered its merits versus the perch she had taken on the armrest, and then came over and managed to slide into the Jack-sized spot, a tighter fit overall but without requiring the same 'wiggle room' around the edges.

"You'd think his chocolate was laced with something harder with that reaction." Ewan laughed as he leaned against the support pillar beside the viewport. "So none of you have ever been involved in one of these dinners before so a word of advice, Alice takes this far too seriously. Expect to be taking home about 4 days worth of left overs."

"I'm sure it's better fare than the usual rubber chicken dinner." Izzy said with a grin. "Or prophets forbid, Ferengi cuisine." She made a blatant and exaggerated face of judgement at that of the sort anyone who had never seen her off duty had likely never seen; taking another sip of beer with an easier, less attentive air than usually applied to her drinking style.

"Despite how good it smells, it's still probably a good thing you showed up," Martin remarked. "I'm terrible at reheating things and you might cut it down to just 3 days of leftovers."

"Unlikely, at least I have Markus to eat all our leftovers who will literally eat anything at his age, in excess." Ewan replied as he took a sip of his drink, "I swear that boy just inhales his food and doesnt even taste it sometimes. It's like he's a vacuum for food." He shrugged, "Then again I'm sure my parents said the same thing about me at that age."

"Mine too," Martin agreed. "In fact, I recall they once had a running joke about investing in bulk food suppliers."

A ball of apron was tossed from the kitchen area towards Ewan, haphazardly. "Ignore him, he usually eats just as much as his son does, it's why he's probably had to change his uniform size once or twice," shot back Alice with a grin. "Now come, I am done, food is ready, sit and eat the lot of you," she pointed to the table, while dragging a spare chair to the table and making room for Izzy. "It's feed yourself, so dig in. If you don't like plum, first of all you're wrong, and second of all, I can replicate you something else from the replicator for the chicken tenders." With little ceremony, she plopped herself down at the left and side of the table, and patted the head of the table spot while eyeing her husband. Not one to miss a cue, the man stood from his spot in the living room and sat down with his wife, who grasped his hand with a smile. She was in her element.

"Don't listen to her, I was far more fond of barbeque sauce on these before I met my lovely wife, but she is rather controlling in that," Yoshi said with a smile. "But yes, fill your plates, and if there is anything missing, just ask."

"Personally I plum is just fine," Martin said taking his seat with smile. He looked over the array of serving dishes. "And I sincerely doubt anything could be missing."

Izzy perched on the chair provided; looking over the spread before them and filling her plate with, for the most part, a bit of everything; and rolling the sleeves of her blouse up to just above the elbows before picking a chicken tender up off her plate and swiping it in the dip.

Ewan claimed a spot to the other side of Yoshi, Allison dropping into a seat just beside him. "As always Alice, far too much food that smells far too good." The man said as he started to grab food from here and there, some chicken tenders here, some poutine there and fully loaded potato skins. Those would be the death of him, all the cheese bacon and more cheese. "No shop talk, what's everyones plans once we get to Haumea?"


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