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A Commanding Dinner Pt. 3

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 10:02am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow & Commander Jonathan Mantell & Commander Martin Sorenson & Isabella Cerin
Edited on on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 10:04am

Mission: Snow Birds
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Following "A Commanding Dinner Pt. 2"

Martin paused, taking the opportunity of the question to decide his plate had enough fried food. For now anyway. "It's been awhile since I had a chance to ski except in a holoprogram, so I'm hoping to get a chance to do that there." He gave a wry smile, adding, "With any luck I'll a few runs in before someone breaks a leg."

"Personally I have a meeting with Commander Mahone, but I am hoping to take some time and enjoy a long hike," replied Yoshi. "I haven't had much time to truly get out and enjoy some planetside time, so I am hoping to get as much of it in as I can." Leaning over, and looking at the dubious pile of fries, gravy and cheese curds, the Commodore shrug and scooped some to his plate, before stabbing it with a fork.

"What my husband isn't saying, is that in his old age, he's starting to put on weight, and his sister made a comment last time they talked," jabbed Alice with a smirk, which was in turn greeted with a playful elbow to the ribs. The pair laughed a little at one another. "I'm hoping to see if they have a local bar, there are always cool food ideas and new drink mixes to be found there. And I hear there is Karrun in Galaxy's End, we might make a girl's day of it."

Jack had been busy filling, and then working to clear, his plate full of fried foods. Chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, french fries with a dubious coating of gravy —which was somehow delicious— and other oddities including one with plum had once graced the boy's plate, and were now somewhere in the vicinity of his stomach. Now, however, he looked up to observe the answers about shore leave. He hadn't given them much thought after the events of the afternoon, but now the ancient child brightened up, "I haven't gone snowboarding for ages! I'll bet Rashane would go, too, just have to convince Aaron," Jack shot an impish grin at Martin, "that the slopes are fun, not dangerous."

"Slopes are fun," Martin agreed, adding some fried onion rings to his chicken. "But if you don't know what you're doing, they're also a hazard. If going to convince Aaron's father to let him go, you should probably set up some practice time on the holodeck."

"Skiing sounds fun." Allison nodded thoughtfully as she munched on a plate of fries. "The inherent risk of skiing down a fresh slope, new powder, knowing nothing is going to stop and save you if you tumble? Now that sounds like more fun. Some thrills the holodeck just can't reproduce. I think we might join in on that before we found a nice camping spot for a few days."

"Which reminds me, we're taking the Rhone." Ewan added in, "So she's off the board for use by the crew."

Raising his hand like he was referencing a PaDD, Yoshi pretended to scroll. "Hmm, I'm looking at the request forms here, and you know, I don't think I see said request..." Looking over to his friend, Minawara's skeptical face broke into a smile. "Don't you two come back with another kid now."

"Oh well then maybe we should let you have the ship." Allison replied looking pointedly at Yoshi, "I believe there has been chat for a while between the two of you about it no?" The red headed woman had a sly grin on her face looking between the Commodore and his wife, "I mean we'd gladly give up our claim to the ship if you two needed the alone time."

Jack had been feeling the need for a while, and normally he tried to be courteous with adults present. The boy had decades of experience with grups getting mad when he didn't obey the unwritten rules of etiquette, and Vulcans were perhaps the worse at it. No Vulcans were present, however, and the banter over the subject of having more children was leaving him a bit squeamish. So the Miran did what any reasonable person would do in these circumstances, and let out a deep belch. "Ahh, that's good. Can someone pass the chicken tenders?"

Shooting a dirty look at Allison, Alice picked up the plate of tenders and passed them toward Jack. "Now you listen here," he added in a mock threatening tone. "And you," she said turning to the boy, "cover your mouth next time at least."

"Yes, please," Martin added, widening is eyes at Jack. "If you make me put a medical containment field around you, you'll be stuck just watching from inside when the rest of have dessert."

"After making the rounds with the colony leaders, I'll probably see what the local shopping has to offer. Or find a fireplace to curl up in front of. I expect my aide will break out the summer clothes and swimwear, however." Izzy swiped a chicken finger through the dollop of sauce to the side of her plate and bit off the end of it.

The Miran boy just laughed at the comments as he took the plate of tenders, and loaded his own plate with a few. He put the serving dish in close proximity in case of an emergency in the future. "So, I didn't even get to hear about the fish people you guys had to deal with on the last mission," Jack said to the three frequent fliers of the bridge. "What were they like? I heard they had tentacles!"

"Yes. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see them first hand," Martin said. "They sound like a fascinating life form."

"Yes, they did have tentacles." Izzy nodded at Jack, then Martin. "They had some chameleon like traits as well--they changed color and pattern, though it seemed to be less of an attempt at camouflage and more an aspect of their communication. As for the rest, well, there are xenocultural experts at both your headquarters and mine pouring over our recorded interactions, scans, and reports as we speak I'm sure. There was a lot that seemed to be in play there that just didn't quite add up with what we were able to perceive." She shrugged and helped herself to another couple of chicken fingers. "Odds being they left feeling the same way. Unfortunately, other than a few things--like the apparent dichotomy in views on the proper ways to deal with pre-warp civilizations, for example--I'm not sure how much we can necessarily read into the Chorus as a whole from only the Qoird, either. The Qoird were behind us, technologically--or so I was repeatedly assured by people actually qualified to make such an assessment." She flashed a grin at the parties in question. "That doesn't necessarily mean other members of the Chorus aren't a match for us, though--given the way the Qoird themselves seemed to view themselves as...nurturing...the Braxian civilization in fact, it wouldn't entirely surprise me to find out someone more powerful once did the same for them."

"Tentacles, and attitude," remarked Yoshi darkly. "I feel as though our new friends will be back again sometime in the future. I just hope it doesn't come that close to conflict again, I'd rather keep the fighting to a boardroom." He nodded at Izzy with a smile, "I did the Dominion War thing, how about we keep the fighting to your Corps now?" he said with another chuckle. Digging into his food, he paused, and swallowed hard to add "I do wonder if they're the prime species or were uplifted themselves. And if so, by who?"

"Exactly. As for the rest...Well. Hopefully they don't follow the Dominion playbook in the slightest--they engaged the diplomatic corps at the same time as the fleet, for a good part of the entire war. Generally with less than zero good faith. If I ever see another Vorta again it will be too soon." Unbidden, memories rose in the back of Izzy's mind of the fear and chaos of the Breen attack on Earth, sheltering in the shielded area below headquarters, young and terrified; and the various close calls of the times the Dominion representatives had almost convinced the Federation to take agreements that seemed reasonable on the surface but had catastrophic poison pills hidden; the consequences of which would have been a disastrous death knell just barely avoided. "The Qoird, on the other hand...I have little doubt we'll see them again, yes. The captain of the ship seemed to indicate they have little desire for it, but his opinions and those above him may or may not align...Not to mention the relative closeness of their space and ours, and the nature of both the Chorus and the Federation to seek and explore, regardless of our differences in how we approach such." She took a long pull of beer, followed by a mouthful of nachos that seemed in direct opposition to the stereotypical view of diplomatic grace and the manners she generally exhibited on duty.

"We should liaise with Falkirk and their intelligence section. The Chorus if our projections are right are very close regionally to their new friends the Imperium. Begs the question if they are possibly involved with each other and just have different names for their own groups." Ewan said as he took a sip of his drink, "Which would be bad if the reports on the Imperium are correct."

"And what happened to that no shop talk rule?" Allison asked as she nibbled away at a fry, not that it wasn't interesting to learn about the new squid-like species the crew had only recently met or this supposed Imperium. "This was supposed to be a celebratory dinner to let you all get to know each other better on a more personal level after all."


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