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A Commanding Dinner Pt. 4

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 10:03am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow & Commander Jonathan Mantell & Commander Martin Sorenson & Isabella Cerin
Edited on on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 10:05am

Mission: Snow Birds
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Following "A Commanding Dinner Pt. 3"

"No shop talk?" Martin laughed. "I'm used to avoiding medical talk over dinner, but if you're going to forbid all shop talk, I think you and Alice will have to carry the conversation."

"As long as you don't reference any cultures, experiences, or events or persons outside the Federation, of course...Or even political or news events within it. Shop talk for some of us after all." Izzy tacked onto the end of Martin's statement with a wry grin. "Though on a rather different topic, where is this beer from?" She drew another sip of it, turning it over in her mouth appreciatively. "Definitely not replicated..."

"You'll have to ask Ewan and Allison, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was from Earth," replied Alice, picking up and examining a bottle. "Craft brewing is popular on some larger hub worlds, but most of the back water beer is... well swill at best," she added with a look of disdain. "Although, I was on a private trader station once that imported hops grown in Zero-G, something many fought hard to do for years. It was surprisingly good." Yoshi cocked an eyebrow at his wife who only shrugged. "Okay, it was a smuggling station, sue me," she added with a laugh.

Izzy snickered into her cup at this last point, possibly far more used to that sort of comment than many of her ilk thanks to her time on Ferenginar. "Most of the Romulan ale available outside the Empire is around the same general quality as the backwater beer...They don't generally export the good stuff. Brought back a few cases when I was posted there; I can barely stomach the export quality stuff since then."

With mock shock on his face, Yoshi gasped. "A member of my senior staff, smuggling Romulan Ale aboard my ship! Perish the thought, next thing you know my own wife will tell me she's been growing barley for making whiskey in the hydroponics facility!" A swift elbow in the ribs broke the fake tone and Yoshi laughed.

"So what I am hearing then Izzy," said Alice with a sly smile, "is I should join you for a night of drinking."

"You might want to drop by medbay before you do that," Martin advised, and flashed a grin at the diplomat. "Izzy cheats. She has an implant to keep her from getting too snockered on the sort of drinks Romulans serve at parties."

"Technically I can deactivate it temporarily, just like my universal translator implant." Izzy flexed her left arm slightly, tapping her bicep with a grin. "And it doesn't have an unlimited ability to keep up--just enough of one that can release enough anti-intoxicant at the right rate to give me an alcohol tolerance operationally capable of matching a Romulan senator or a Klingon general. And definitely on the night of drinking--if we do something like this again, I'll bring a bottle to share."

"Ah. I guess that explains why you haven't come by to have it topped back up," Martin teased. "But if we ever do have serious drinking night, I have good bottle of Orion rum to share. And I'll bring enough detox meds for everyone." He glanced at Jack and winked. "Except you. I expect you'd be drinking some form of barely diluted sugar, so for you I'll just bring insulin."

“Barely diluted sugar?” Izzy said around another sip of beer. “I think you mean concentrated sugar. Some sort of super-saturated solution.”

"Is this super-saturated?" Jack asked, holding up his glass of chocolate milk. His...third? Fourth? He had lost count how many trips to the replicator he had undertaken for refills already. "Because if it isn't, I'll take a super-saturated version." The boy took a swig, and then another, not bothering to wipe off the dark liquid stain above his lip from the drink. "Does insulin mean there's no sugar crash? Because I've tried the weird pills that Noj was hawking once and they don't work. And the sugar-free stuff is just nasty, it's worse than replicated."

Martin had been about to beg off explaining insulin on grounds of 'no shop talk', but at the mention of weird pills and Noj his elbows shot up toward his hairline. "Noj is selling unknown medicinals to the crew?!"

"Yeah," Yoshi leaned forward and placed his drink down. "What is happening on my ship exactly?" he asked, frowning.

"You have Ferengi on the crew." Izzy said with a shrug, seemingly unconcerned in comparison. "Nothing is happening probably that isn't inevitable at that point. It has it's advantages that Vesta has benefited from time and again too though, I'm sure; tell me, have we ever had a problem getting supplies or parts in a timely, smooth manner?" She grinned, taking a long pull of beer; already knowing the answer was most assuredly "no"--and that most ships couldn't say the same.

Ewan simply laughed, "He put in requests, I just approved them. You dont ask a Ferengi how they get their goods you just accept that they're always what you need. At least Noj gets the quality version rather than the discount versions so many Ferengi like to try and pawn off." A grimace formed for a moment, "No idea about any pills or anything. Though I wouldn't put it past him to have given Jack a placebo pill to make him think he was getting sugar."

"I don't need a pill to get sugar!" Jack announced happily, holding up his glass of chocolate milk as an indication. "It's when the sugar is gone, that's the problem. Noj said he had a solution for it, and gave me a pill that's supposed to stop that. But it just made my stomach hurt, plus the sugar crash. And then Noj wouldn't even give me a refund!" The boy seemed a bit annoyed at that, but his face cleared quickly. "That was months ago, though, back in the Delta Quadrant. He probably doesn't have them anymore, but I doubt they'd work for you, either. Maybe they're just for Ferengi."

"I can almost guarantee they're nothing effective for anyone, but also nothing harmful." Izzy continued at the couple of questioning looks. "The cheapest way to make something like that to sell is to use the replicator to make raw ingredients for free, and work within its guidelines. Any self-respecting Ferengi will always take the cheapest way. Not to mention lawsuits are still legal on Ferenginar, but only under some limited circumstances even after the reforms. So as long as a scam isn't outright harmful, it's legal under Ferengi law and you can't sue over it. Meaning any pills Noj is hawking are probably like, filled with instant oatmeal powder or something."

"I hope that's all it is," Martin said, still frowning grimly. "But no matter what's in those pills he's hawking, he's going to get a house call he will not enjoy in the slightest."

"Ears to you." Izzy said with a smirk, raising her beer glass in a semi-toast before taking a sip.

Martin rolled his eyes and groaned. "If you're going to pun like that, you should fetch your Romulan ale, because I'm going to need a stronger drink to numb the pain."

"Just drink the beer much more quickly." Izzy quipped with seemingly little sympathy for any pun-induced plight, and shoveled more nachos into her mouth, savoring them. "We should try making these with hasperat spices sometime. It's amazing."

"I haven't the foggiest where to get real hasperat," replied Alice with a twinkle in her eyes. "But for sure! We will have to discuss," she said with a laugh, while handing her husband another beer. "Now, the idea of drinking beer more quickly, that appeals for sure! Now, no more talk, stuff your faces, and if you want after this, I think Yoshi has hidden some Andorian Brandy around her for after," she finished with a mischievous smile. He hand reached over to her husband and the two grasped together as she leaned in during the din of casual conversation and whispered "See, this is how you get your staff together. I think the rest of your days should be smooth sailing dear."


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