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Some Assembly Required

Posted on Sat Sep 25th, 2021 @ 2:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Nolan Marc & Captain Ewan Darrow & Lieutenant JG Njalia Sayffier

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Deck 14 Probe Storage

It seemed that the probe casing that Njalia had requisitioned before the two had grabbed lunch was just rolling off the fabrication line as they arrived.

Which, what was the difference between a probe casing and a torpedo casing? Was there even one? One starbases, sure, but it seemed like every ship Nolan had ever served on had the probe assembly literally next door to the torpedo armory because they all shared parts.

Meandering away from the probe casing, the boy started rummaging about for the various components that they would need. Isolinear circuitry. Sensor packs. Power cores. "We should probably have grabbed Jack for this," the Only noted, his head bopping from side the side slightly as he did. Then, knocking his head back to flip the hair from his eyes, added, "He loves legos and puzzles. This would totally be his thing."

What model did she say that she had in mind? Mark 45... something something alphabet.

Nolan hoped she had instructions. He could follow instructions. Generally. Kind of. Honestly, he was more of an idea man.

"You look puzzled, Lieutenant Commander," said Njalia sweeping in with a black case. "What do you think will be the best way to generate a standing wave to fracture off a piece of the ship. I was thinking a lineal harmonic inducer but it is all guesswork until we can get a piece to analyze. A pretty problem indeed." She set down the case and cracked open the probes casing to start a quick diagnostic of its systems.

"I always have to follow a diagram when assembling these," Nolan admitted, pausing a moment as he asked, "Do you always have parts left over? Like, the instructions in the front will say you need twelve self-sealing stem bolts, and I'll have twelve stem bolts, but then when I'm done there's always like two left over."

Wandering back over to the probe casing with the isolinear circuitry, Nolan moved to the opposite side from Njalia. A lineal harmonic inducer? He was going to recommend a phaser drill, like from a mining probe, but already her idea was prompting him to think out loud. "Were you thinking a phased resonance pulse?" Nolan asked.

No that wasn't actually his question.

Lapsing into talking to himself, the Only continued, "If we examine the refraction angle and modulate the pulse to the inverse, the refraction effect might actually amplify the intensity of the burst," Nolan muttered excitedly.

A sonic boom.

Not just a sonic boom. A sonic boom IN SPACE!

Clapping his hands, the boy gleefully blurted out, "Yatta!" A short hop and he'd spun around to look up eagerly at the Andorian woman and proclaim, "Njalia! You're a genius!

Njalia grinned. "You are too kind. It seemed like the right answer to the problem at hand." She opened the black case and removed a small tractor beam assembly. "I was thinking that this should generate the needed stresses."

"I think we have a plan," Nolan remarked. Then tilted his head to one side. "So... so, like, now we just need permission. But I think our theory is sound," the boy offered, rambling on before he tapped his combadge.

"Nolan to Captain Darrow," the boy announced, before explaining, "Lieutenant Sayffier and I have a proposal. Could you join us in Probe Storage, sir?"

"I'm on my way." Ewan's voice came from the ether as he replied. "Will I need some blast goggles?" He asked with a chuckle in his voice.

"No, but if you happened to have some on you..." Nolan answered with a shrug. Blast googles were never the wrong answer. Plus, bold fashion statement.

The large airlock-style doors swished open with thair usual hum, the pistons that pulled and pushed them grinding a bit. Ewan made a note to have an engineering team come to look at them to ensure something wasn't misaligned. A mug of tea in one hand and a PADD in the other he moved into the room and saw Nolan and Njalia huddled around a probe casing. "Commander, you needed something?"

Njalia stepped back from the drone and gave a quick salute. She waited for the Commander to take the lead.

Stepping over to a monitor along one side of the room, the boy called up the sensor telemetry from the probe currently observing the Tholian relic. "Some physical property of the hull construction is refracting our attempts at scanning the vessel," Nolan remarked, as various spectrum overlays appeared to animate wavelengths displaced around the craft. "It's not clear to us if that's a result of the hull form or a reflective property of the hull material itself. It could also be a combination of the two," the boy explained.

"We'd like authorization to collect a sample of the hull material in order to properly diagnose and develop a solution," Nolan stated, now turning back toward the Andorian woman. "Njalia has an idea for how we could go about it."

Nkalia nodded to the science officer. "Sir, my thought is to use a lineal harmonic inducer to create a standing wave in the hulls surface causing it to fracture, then scoop it up with a focused tractor beam. We can do initial analysis with the probe's sensors but ultimately, returning the sample to the ship for in depth study."

"So you literally want to shoot sound at this thing to cause it to break apart eh?" Ewan said as he stipped at his tea watching the spectrum overlays, "Decent idea to get a sample without causing extensive damage or potentially puncturing the hull more than needed." He pursed his lips as he thought it over, "You plan to use a magnetic clap to get direct contact with the hull, or are you planning to get a seal around a section somehow and pressurizing it?"

"As the deflector shield the probe uses while in transit will not be needed, it will be able to create a small dome sealing off the immediate area the probe is adjacent to," says Njalia. "Atmosphere can be provided by a brief discharge from the probe coolant system as needed."

Ewan nodded, "How do you intend to great the seal? Rubber gasket is old school but works well. A magnetic seal is always good but we cant be sure the Tholian's new hull type has magnetic properties." He said as he tapped a few buttons and called up a schematic of the probe itself. "I'm not sure how you'd get the sample into the probe then though, the normal apertures for physical gathering are on the underside of the probe."

"We can reroute the atmospheric testing apertures with slight modifications to handle dry materials," replies Njalia. "Adaptive silicon for the seals."

"Should work fine then. Approved, let me know if you need anything else." Ewan said with a nod as he took one last sip from his tea before leaving the storage room.

"Thank you, sir," says Njalia. "We will log the design in case we need to send a second probe."

"Well, there we go," Nolan remarked. "Now we just need to launch it so we can be ready to analyze the results and get an away team over there."


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