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Posted on Mon Sep 27th, 2021 @ 1:27pm by Captain Ewan Darrow & Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Lieutenant JG Njalia Sayffier & Lieutenant M'rrina & Ensign Rufus Marocain
Edited on on Mon Sep 27th, 2021 @ 1:27pm

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Vesta Bridge

The bridge was a hive of activity as the Vesta closed in on its destination, some nameless system where this new Tholian cruiser was apparently laying in wait abandoned. There was a subtle hum to the ship, from the beeping of the consoles to the thrum of the ships massive engines decks below, the background noises of the ship meant to Ewan at least that everything was in order. Setting his mug down on the top of the pool table at the rear of the bridge, he pulled up the holographic interface to sit above the surface. "All systems normal, shields are at the ready and weapons check out. Rufus I want us to drop out of slipstream a few seconds early and away from the planet so we can run a deep system scan, I want to make sure we're alone here. M'rrina, check the subspace frequencies and see if anything if broadcasting on the known Tholian and Pact frequencies. Despite appearances I'm hesitant to believe they've simply left this thing here this deep into Federation Space."

One of M'rrina's ears twitched backwards slightly towards the sound at the order; the other still slightly forward, continuing the somewhat standby state that was monitoring the comms blackout to ensure it stayed in place.

"Nothing yet, sir. I'll perform a more thorough local scan once we drop out." As always, certain notes and sounds in her voices sometimes spiked an almost purring resonance.

"Plotting a drop at the edge of the system nearest the nebula, sir," Rufus replied, laying in the coordinates. "That should let us have a look and stalk up on the ship if we don't detect any other obvious presence."

Ewan nodded. He hated dealing with Tholians, in any regard. Their technology was advanced and they had always opted to delve into areas of study that teh rest of the galaxy tended to avoid meaning it was dangerous to go poking around without taking precautions. Not to mention how hard it was to read them when you had to actual deal with them. "Good, thank you Ensign, Lieutenant," tapping at the table top he opened a comms channel, "Yoshi, two minutes until arrival."

"Permission to launch a set of probes to expand our sensor network," asked Lylja. "We may be able to track its route with enough information."

"Granted, make sure they're class seven probes though, I dont want them being detected if there are Tholians hiding out there." Ewan replied as he ran over the systems check list one more time. "I assume the modified probe will be ready in time as well Lieutenant?"

"We prepared some of the class sevens with an extra layer of infrared screening materials to, hopefully, keep them from Tholian eyes, if there are any out there," replied Njalia. "The modified probe is ready to go. Preparing for launch of the class seven once we transition to normal space."

The doors to the bridge opened, revealing the form of the Commodore as he stepped from the small hallway that composed Deck two. His uniform was pressed a little more neat that usual, a sign that his Wife had been annoyedly pressing it herself instead of relying on the computer systems that usually did it for crew. If he was tired from a night of lack of sleep it wasn't shown on his face. He paced passed his First Officer, a polite nod, before he approached the centre of the room. There was the slightest hesitancy as he glanced at the Captain's Chair, somewhere it had been several weeks since he had even sat. The benefit of being a Commanding Officer was being allowed to command the ship from anywhere, something he had made full use of by leading from his Ready Room.

The pause passed, and he sat down in the chair, settling himself. He knew well enough not to ask for a report - he trusted Ewan implicitly in that matter. Instead, he situated himself where he could be in the middle of things as the transition happened.

"Transition from slipstream in 3 ...2 ...1." Rufus slid his fingers down the panel, dropping the ship out of QSD and into a glide barely more than the velocity of an asteroid in normal space.

"Deep system scans coming up empty, Tactical sensors arent detecting anything that could be classified as as signs of a cloaking device." Ewan said from his spot at the back of the bridge, "Operations send out the probes. Once we get the all clear we'll do a micro warp jump to the planet and send in the away team. Anyone have eyes on the ship?"

Njalia tapped the holographic control. "Probes away . . . sensor web coming online."

M’rrina’s ears both flicked forward now; along with her eyes; studying the data with an the eerie silence and focus of most ambush predator species before finally reporting. “Nothing detected on the known Tholian and Typhon Pact frequencies, sir; or any of the frequencies adjacent to them.”

Nodding slowly Yoshi pulled up the data on his holodisplay, reading the information back slowly as it was also read back out. He scanned the data, not looking for possible unexpected guests but instead for other signs from his time tracking artifacts and treasures thought lost. What he was hunting for finally showed up, and he pulled the data from his terminal to the main viewer, showing the ship in question. The vessel was notably Tholian in the sharp triangular design, but there were elements that seemed off. For one, in the centre of the triangular structures that made up the main frame of the vessel, a sphere hull structure was found, causing it to budge out oddly. There also appeared to be three separate shuttle bays, spread about the three faces of the ship equally. The oddest bit though came from the obvious missing element - this ship clearly lacked the Web Generator that marked all other Tholian vessels. This gave the Commodore pause, and he even pointed it out. "This ship wasn't intended to operate as part of a group," the comment was mostly to Ewan, but out loud to the bridge.

Ewan pulled up the ships on his own display, "Definitely a deviation from standardized Tholian design," he replied as he crossed his arms across his chest. What could have possibly pushed the Tholians to change their design language? "Conn, set course for the ship at your leisure and move in."

"Course set," Rufus replied, even as he steered an elliptical toward her, giving them time to survey a broader expanse of the surrounding system. Keen eyes watched both sensor and probe feeds, as well as the viewscreen, last checks before engaging the micro warp jump that would bring them to the planet. "Micro warp on your command, sir."

"Engaging." Rufus hit the panel, and in an instant the warp engines engaged and in a blink the ship was at the planet. "Establishing orbit."

Tapping his comm badge, Yoshi called on the Commander and his team far below. "Jack, we are close to the ship, prepare to head on over, we will let you know when you're clear. Remember, grab and go." His voice was flat an even, the kind of calm that came with practice. He'd been in those boarding ships years ago. He ached to be in it again.
Standing now, he paced a few steps forward towards the Ensign at the helm. "Ms. Saffiyer, what do your probes say?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary, sir," she answered. "The ship must have either drifted here or arrived so long ago than any wakes have disappeared. We are getting some unexpected interference on the delta band, trying to locate its source."

Ewan could have sworn he felt the slight shudder of the ship as the runabout's visage departed the rear of the Vesta on the holo display. "Teams away." He took a step away from the central pool table towards the center of the bridge. "Lieutenant, try and nail that interference down. The rest of you eyes up and ears to the ground, I have no doubt the Tholians are either on their way or here somewhere, they don't abandon technology."


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